Guangzhou Guangxing group kindergarten's final achievement report was successfully completed




On the afternoon of January 12, 2019, the kindergarten of Guangzhou Guangxing group organized a final results reporting activity. Parents' representatives were invited to participate in this activity, so that parents could put aside their work and go into the kindergarten to accompany their children's learning wholeheartedly. A series of parent-child activities made parents feel the teachers' attentive cultivation and jointly witness their children's learning and growth.
On this day, the children came to the kindergarten early and put on uniform uniforms to welcome their parents to class. Each class has prepared a variety of teaching and entertainment courses to show parents the skills learned in the kindergarten through games, nursery rhymes, stories and music. Now let's go to the activity site to enjoy their wonderful performance. The
The activities of the small class began when each child gave a glass of water to their parents, followed by a series of activities such as finger exercises, literacy games, stool grabbing games, scientific experiments, parent-child interaction, etc.