VIV China: opening up new territory in the field of automatic poultry raising equipment in China -- an interview with Mr. laichengmu of Guangzhou Guangxing group




Mr. laichengmu:
The strategic choice always adheres to the market orientation: at present, the domestic and foreign sales of Guangzhou Guangxing group are growing steadily, but from the global development of the whole industry, we pay more attention to the domestic market. Compared with the 1990s, the modernization, large-scale and automation level of China's animal husbandry industry has been greatly improved. The Chinese market is now a hot spot of global concern.
One step ahead and win the world: Guangzhou Guangxing group has been engaged in foreign trade since 1990. It was the representative of China's earlier poultry equipment export enterprise with independent intellectual property rights at that time. At the beginning of its establishment, the enterprise is also in the era of China's reform and opening up, and the demand for automation equipment in China's poultry industry is very low. Guangzhou Guangxing group has sold a large number of complete sets of automatic poultry raising equipment overseas, successfully opening up the overseas sales channel of China's livestock and poultry equipment.