Creating a wonderful and piloting future -- warm congratulations on the 29th anniversary of the founding of Guangxing group




On the afternoon of November 28, all employees of Guangzhou Guangxing group headquarters gathered in the activity center of Guangzhou headquarters to hold the 29th anniversary celebration of the enterprise.
At the meeting, the chairman laichengmu delivered a speech and the general manager Laiwen delivered a speech: in the past 29 years, we have gone through trials and hardships to create brilliance. The 29 years' brilliant achievements are inseparable from the unremitting efforts and hard work of Guangxing people. We should grasp the future, speed up the development of new products, strengthen enterprise management and realize Guangxing dream.
On this occasion, Xinfeng company and Guangping company also carried out activities at the same time to express their sincere wishes to the group company in different forms. Let's walk into the three venues and feel this strong festive atmosphere.

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