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2022-05-30 11:08

Riding the wind and waves, dreaming of a long voyage -- warmly celebrating the 32nd anniversary of the founding of Guangzhou Guangxing group

As time flies, Guangzhou Guangxing group ushered in its 32nd birthday. After thirty-two years of ups and downs, under the leadership of chairman laichengmu, Guangxing people have worked hard to forge ahead. Guangzhou Guangxing group has bravely stood in the forefront and reaped fruitful results despite fierce market competition. On November 28, 2020, the 32nd anniversary celebration of Guangzhou Guangxing group with the theme of "riding the wind and waves, dreaming of a long voyage" was held at the group headquarters, Guangdong Shaoguan Xinfeng production base and Hebei Handan Guangping production base.

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