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Auto manure removal system

Product features:

1. The manure scraping in the house is combined with the manure scraping in the main ditch outside the house to realize automatic manure scraping and concentration. Pig manure is concentrated and can be sold or fermented and processed into compound fertilizer. 2. V-shaped manure ditch bottom + PVC urine pipe to achieve dry and wet separation of manure and water. Generally, the urine flows to the lower part, the manure is scraped to the high place, and the scraped manure can be directly loaded into the truck automatically. 3. According to the different treatment methods of pig manure, V-shaped manure scraping or flat ditch scraping manure can be used. 4. Products with excellent quality, reliability and low failure rate can meet the environmental conditions such as manure ditch.

Product details


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Auto manure removal system