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Auto climate control system (Ventilation and heating)

Product features:

According to different climatic conditions, pig farm conditions and different seasons, different environmental control modes are adopted. In areas with large temperature difference between winter and summer, two different modes of summer ventilation and winter ventilation are adopted. In summer, the tunnel type longitudinal ventilation mode of front-end wet curtain and rear-end fan is generally adopted. In winter, the vertical or horizontal ventilation mode of small ventilation window, decentralized air inlet of air inlet duct, side wall shutter, dung ditch fan, etc. is adopted. L winter insulation mode 1. Inlet air from the tunnel or air duct under the pigsty to increase the inlet air temperature and soften the cold air; 2. Disperse air intake to avoid centralized air intake, so as to prevent some pigs from being frozen; 3. Floor heating (water heating if possible), insulation board, insulation lamp, insulation box, insulation cover, etc.

Product details

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Auto climate control system